Our Philosophy

Avoiding contract disputes – and quickly resolving claims – can make the difference between success and failure in complex construction projects. Our seasoned experts bring years of experience to achieve fast, effective results for our clients.

About Us

Joint Venture

MHPM-Driver is a joint venture between Driver Group, Europe’s leading dispute resolution firm, and MHPM Project Leaders. MHPM specializes in leading building and infrastructure projects. The MHPM Get it Right Solution™ ensures we get it ready, get it built and get it performing – so owners and occupants have certainty of success.

Global Experience

Driver Group has supported contractors and property owners in construction disputes since 1978. It employs 300 people in offices throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific. MHPM adds a North American track record of getting it right – on more than 8,000 projects – for 25 years.

Expertise in this Field is Rare

The value we bring is the result of many years of detailed construction experience, solid business acumen and legal training. By helping you avoid and resolve disputes, MHPM-Driver enables you to achieve financial goals and fast results.

Our Services

  • Dispute Avoidance

    Before the project begins, we help you build a clear strategy to avoid disputes. We start with a thorough risk assessment and create contract structures that ensure all parties understand their obligations. We then monitor compliance throughout the project.

  • Dispute Resolution

    Even the best-planned projects can face claims. Claims can result from unexpected delays, changed conditions, an evolving scope of work, unforeseen site conditions and more.

    When confronted with a claim, you could simply pay off the complainant, but you may not understand if the payment is truly warranted. You can hire a team of lawyers to litigate a solution, but that takes time and costs significant money.

    We find a middle ground that resolves disagreements quickly and inexpensively. We conduct a detailed fact-finding exercise to determine the root cause of disputes and recommend the best way to resolve them, be it negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation.

    Our investigation can include reviews of contractual strategy and provisions, design specifications, and construction schedules. We analyze how events and contract changes affected the schedule, budget and completion of work, and we determine the cause and effect of delays.

  • Expert Witnesses

    If a dispute does end up in court, selecting the right expert is the most important decision that you can make in the course of prosecuting or defending your case.

    Our trusted witnesses are tested and proven experts in their fields, providing specialized support in arbitration, litigation or mediated dispute resolution.

Contact Us

To learn how MHPM-Driver can help you avoid construction disputes – and efficiently resolve existing ones – contact us:

Ali Fard

Western Region

(604) 692-1151
cell: (604) 722-1481
200 Granville Street, 15th Floor, Vancouver, BC Canada V6C 2R6

Kevin O’Neill

Eastern Region

(905) 247-0160 ext. 2231
cell: (416) 453-2852
5255 Orbitor Drive, Suite 101, Mississauga, Ontario L4W 5M6

MHPM Project Leaders

MHPM specializes in leading building and infrastructure projects. The MHPM Get it Right SolutionTM ensures we get it ready, get it built and get it performing – so owners and occupants have certainty of success. Established in 1989, MHPM employs 350 people in 25 offices throughout Canada and the Middle East.

Driver Group

Driver’s expertise supports the delivery of major projects worldwide and bridges the gaps between the construction, legal and financial disciplines. Our success is the result of rigorous standards and our commitment to delivering quality service on budget, within time and with the appropriate integration of the client’s team.